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Create A Successful, Happy Life & Fulfil Your Potential

Psychological Coaching 

At its core, my work is about connecting people to what is most important to them and helping them find authentic answers to life's big questions

Time Management

Your workload and responsibilities are tremendous. There's quite simply too much to do in too little time. How do you prioritise when everything needs to be done now? How to delegate when you’re not sure if your team is up to it? 


Strategic Thinking

Are you responsible for setting the direction and vision of your company, but feel as if you never have the time, head space or energy to truly focus? 


Work-Life Balance

Do you sometimes ask yourself, “What’s it all for?” How are you ever supposed to achieve the elusive balance of a successful career whilst truly enjoying the rest of your life? Are the most important people in your life getting the best of you?


Embracing Change

Change is necessary for improvement but it can create uncertainty and fear which can negatively impact team performance and wellbeing. I can help with navigating transitions, overcoming resistance, and fostering a culture that embraces change.


How do you deal with overwhelm & avoid burnout? Work stress impacts home life & home pressures impact your performance at work. Life will never be stress-free, so effective ways to manage stress & build greater resilience is crucial.



At the heart of leading an authentic life is self awareness and emotional intelligence. Exploring your blind spots, building genuine empathy & understanding the impact of emotions will increase your success and fulfilment.

Things I Can Help With

Here are a few of the areas I coach on:


Trying To Fit In...

I spent a lot of my life

However, emulating others does not lead to happiness. Embracing your unique self, and daring to stand out is the key to confidence and achieving your full potential.

As a coach, I help individuals become the most authentic versions of themselves, standing out rather than trying to fit in. I help people enhance their self-awareness, cultivate resilience, navigate challenges, attain success, and evolve into inspiring leaders.

Most importantly, I assist my clients in discovering the positive changes that enable them to create a life of genuine success and sincere happiness.

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Head of HR

“ I highly recommend Denise and wish I had had her years ago! 

I have learnt to appreciate my strengths and understand the value and positive benefits of my approach to work. She has has a gentle, supportive, intuitive, and caring way that makes you feel valued."
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