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Denise Collins
In 2012 Denise wrote, "Coaching at work: A Practical Guide To Help Busy Managers Achieve Results." 

In 2014 Denise wrote, Master Your Mind Befriend Your Body."

While both books are currently being updated for publication of second editions, if you would like free copies of the originals, Denise is happy to gift these to you. Simply request them by completing the contact form here
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What Happened to John?

Published in 2022 this is Denise's memoir of enduring love, mental health, and suicide.  A true story of love, laughter, heartbreak, and hope, written following the death of her husband John in 2018.

On a day that began just like any other, life changed forever. Denise was informed John, a man brimming with love and light, had taken his own life. 

"What Happened to John?" is the book Denise wishes with all her heart she never had to write.  A moving memoir that explores how emotional responses to tough life events are, all too often, misdiagnosed as symptoms in need of pills.

It highlights how the commonly prescribed drugs, which doctors tell patients are harmless, can have horrendous side effects. It lays bare the impact suicide has on those left behind.

However, “What Happened to John?” isn’t just about Denise's quest for answers; it’s a book about how extraordinarily wonderful normal everyday life truly is.

Within its pages, you may recognize aspects of your own experiences. You may discover things that could save your life or the life of someone you love. You will almost certainly finish it wanting to hold those you love close, and never let them go.

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