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Loss and Grief 

Until it actually happens most of us would rather not think about issues of loss and grief, but the truth is at some time. we will all be affected 


We live in a society where the focus is predominantly on progress, pressing forward, on gain and growth - the experience of loss can feel even more isolated - 
There are many types of loss that result in grief 
eg - the obvious bereavement 
life transition stages empty nest - lose of youth - loss of identity - 
some unfortunate people may experience a lot of loss earl on in life during their youth - but more commonly for most people the older you get the more losses you experience - 
most of the time people adjust to loss without the need for support
some losses can leave you feeling that you are lost 
complex relationships - 
unexpected complicated circumstances 
traumatic - uncertainty - out of control - like your foundation has been shaken - impact confidence and self-worth - 
grief is a natural response to losing something or someone important to you. But our society is grief illiterate.
let's get together for a virtual coffee - discuss how I might be able to support you 
variety of techniques - strategies - program to guide you through the grief
need different things at different phases 
heartbreak -
acute - early phase - a broken heart - self-compassion - emergency care - mindful step at a time acceptance of the existence of the loss 
healing -
'time is a healer' often said -I prefer 'healing takes time' want to get out of pain and back to health as soon as possible - but no shortcut quick fix  magic solution -
two elements to healing phase 1. pain relief 2. process of becoming healthy again - rebalanced healing  looking for ways to alleviate the pain as you heal - pain relief - deep healing not so you can get back to normal - so you can recover - healing takes time - is ongoing and has its own phases - think of psychological injury of loss in similar terms as a physical injury - 
hope -
development of the belief that things can get better and that there is a future no matter what the loss - thoughts of moving on - depending on the nature of the loss you may never get over it - but you can move on - perhaps changed - different perspectives offered by going through the experience - not a fan of 'everything happens for a reason or 'it was meant to be' type platitudes - however - seed of truth in that we can not recover what has been lost once it is gone - so we can choose to gain something 
happiness -
at the point of heartbreak, happiness can seem like a distant destination - happiness means different things to different people - well-being - joy - satisfaction - contentment - 
all loss involves change
all change involves loss 
often change can be difficult to manage - especially if the change was unwanted, unwelcome or unexpected. 
When we go through change whether it is desired and positive or undesired and negative - there will be things we lose as a result even of gaining something - 
theories of grief - loss - no two people are the same 
you are unique as is your experience - however, there are certain principles that are often common themes - not all of them will apply to everyone in every situation - if useful - use if not move on 
nothing works for everyone
everything works for someone
Virtual coffee - where you have the opportunity to talk about what's happened  - I'll help you identify what phase you're in - how I might be able to help - Virtual coffee for up to an hour - no charge - no obligation - I will only offer to coach you if I genuinely believe I can be of service to assist you in your healing journey.
Do you want to 
  • Own the authority of your professional role
  • Have more confidence in your competence 
  • Know your self-worth 
  • Practice effective self-care  
  • Build authentic resilience  
  • Embrace change
  • Achieve a genuine sustainable work-life balance?
Essentially 'UPP' gives you a strong foundation so you can positively cope with uncertainty, knowing whatever happens, you will handle it.
I help women like you, build UPP through a series of individually crafted one-to-one interactions where we 
  • Explore your current challenges to find ways to overcome problems 
  • Clarify your goals and desired outcomes
  • Develop your strengths and capabilities
  • Uncover any unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that may have limited your success, well-being, and happiness
  • Tap into your beliefs and values
  • Discover what is most important to you
  • Create a personal plan for you to achieve a genuine work-life balance and practice authentic self-care so that you can be the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.

To see if I am the right coach for you let's meet for a virtual coffee.

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